How it Works

Universal Human Energy combines three key elements to create highly-personalised corporate and individual wellness results.

The outputs from the program include:

  • Specific digestive and dietary considerations.
  • Optimal prescription exercise and physical activity recommendations.
  • Environmental needs.
  • Genius outputs for productivity, performance and communication.
  • Social and lifestyle preferences.
  • Personality traits, natural strengths. talents and disease predisposition.
  • Optimal daily schedules (chronobiology) for mind, food, sleep and fitness.
  • Increased self awareness and connection.
  • Balance, alignement and understanding.


Utilising multiple sciences and information technologies to integrate ancient wisdom, modern science and cutting edge discoveries into one powerful platform.


The world’s first epigenetic data-tracking platform for corporate health and wellness programming.


Geometrical coaching draws on the best of 16 years of industry experience, modern science, technology and ancient wisdom. Which is Informed by 100% evidence-based medical research.


The Trinity of Science, Technology and Coaching brings together the three core pillars of Universal Human Energy. Creating and delivering only the highest standard of highly-personalised health and wellness services.

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